New Moon Nice Cream Bowl

Sorry I haven’t been posting recently, I’ve been away travelling in Morocco, but here is my first post back on the New Moon in Pisces with The Solar Eclipse, time for new beginnings.

It’s been a difficult, confusing past few weeks and things have been all over the place. For myself, I have gone from an extreme high to an extreme low and back around again. A lesson from life, that you will always be on this rollercoaster but that’s what makes life an adventure! You must always look ahead and let go, if you don’t let go of something, something new cannot come to your life.

The energy from the New Moon Solar Eclipse has brought an end to this difficult time, so let this wave of emotion pass and bring in new light into your life. Solar Eclipses signify a grand ending and a new beginning so this is the time we step into a completely new chapter. Plant your seeds, set your intentions and follow the dreams you have been holding onto. The New Moon is in Pisces, connecting us with our spiritual side, creativity and intuition.

Last night under the new moon I charged my crystals and released all the old tension and energy in my yoga session. Today, I feel reborn, and with this I woke up and created this Nice Cream I’ve specially made with Raw Cacaco.

Raw Cacao is said to help support spiritual growth by helping the functioning of the pineal gland and shift toxic energy out of your body. A perfect food to eat on this New Moon.



For The Nice Cream:

Frozen Bananas (you need two for one bowl but it’s best to freeze a bunch at a time so you always have plenty!)

One Large Avocado – This isn’t frozen

1 Tbsp Organic Raw Coconut Oil

1 Tbsp Organic Raw Cacao Powder

30 ml Hemp Milk (you can use any milk alternative but I love hemp as it doesn’t contain added sugar)

For The Topping:

1/2 Apple

Frozen Blackberries

Frozen Redcurrants


Pecan Nuts

Sunflower Seeds

Cashew Nuts


1 Tbsp Flaxseeds

1 Tsp Chia Seeds


Take the frozen banana our of the freezer.

While the pieces are slightly defrosting for a few minutes, cut your avocado open and scoop out the flesh into your blender.

Thinly slice the apple for your topping and set to one side.

Add your frozen banana, raw cacao, coconut oil and hemp milk starting on a medium setting and then speeding up slowly, give it time for all the chunks to dissolve and you will soon end up with a creamy mixture. You can always add more milk, I really just put the smallest amount in to help with the blending.

Just to say – I’ve swapped to my magimix blender and it makes nice cream so much better than my old blender! 

Scoop your nice cream out onto a serving bowl and add your toppings.

Sprinkle the chia seeds and flaxseeds over the entire bowl to finish and enjoy!

Love Always – Luca

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