Hello beautiful souls, welcome to my world!

My name is Luca, 25, I am based in London but take a lot of inspiration from discovering foods, culture and plants in places all over the world. I grew up with a polish mother, a natural born healer, who introduced me to plant based foods, medicinal herbs, nutrition, and living with respect for our planet. Since I was a baby she refused to feed me processed westernised baby food, and instead cooked spinach and froze them into ice cube trays, which would then be defrosted to have as my own baby food. I spent my entire life living this wholesome way, which I am very blessed and grateful for, and so I have always had this natural passion for plants and their medicinal wonders.

I find it so interesting to experiment with foods from all over the world to create new and inspiring food ideas that not only taste incredible, but heal our mind body and soul. And so, my creations now need to be shared with people like you. I am so happy to continue exploring and developing my recipes and love for food through this blog and my Instagram page  which can be found in the footer (@consumepositivity).

Please take what you wish and enjoy it in your own home, with friends and family.

I wish you a happy and healthy long life..


Love Always


Luca xxx

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